Friday, 15 January 2016

Magic Cups

Hari ni adik main MAGIC CUPS. 
Game ni macam peekaboo jugak sebenarnya. First it's here, then it's gone, then it's back again - but only if your toddler remembers where it was. 

Which cups hides the pom pom ?

Camna nak main ?

To start the game, hide a small toys ke, apa2 je la yang muat bawah cups tu. Saya guna pom pom je. Hide pom pom tu under one of the cup while your child is watching. Pastu move the cups around dan suruh anak teka cup yang mana ada pom pom kat bawahnya.  Jangan gerakkan cups to cepat sangat ye or else your child won't be able to keep track of the pom pom. Suka hati la nak main berapa cups pun. Saya guna 2 je cups, so senang je la. 

Now your child understands that the covered object is still there - this is called object permanence. You also encourage your child to recall the pom pom and you sharpen you child's memory.

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