Saturday, 24 January 2015

Tips power guna flash card bersama bayi

3 things to remember :

1) Teach fast, fast like the wind
2) Present new things 
3) Do not test

Why flash card ?

1) Easier - it is easier to teach a two-year-old to read at home than it is to teach a six-year-old at school

2) A joyous moment for mothers and babies. Since babies would rather learn than do anything else in the world, and would rather be with their parents than with anyone else in the world, there are few activities as joyous as learning-to-read sessions.

3) Reading is the very basis of all. If mother teaches her baby to read at one, two, or three years of age he will not fail to learn to read in school at six, seven, or eight years of age.

4) Wondrous thing . It is a wondrous thing for a baby, or child , or an adult to be able to read.

5) Babies are linguistic geniuses. Babies take in raw facts such as written and spoken words at a rate that no adult could come close to matching.

What to do in each flash cards session?

1) Pick up any number of flash cards

2) Present the flash cards rapidly to your child at arms's length

3) Can flash from the front to the back, but the more preferred method is to flash from the back to the front

4) While flashing the flash cards, read the words rapidly and loudly in a clear, high-pitched and enthusiastic voice.

5) Be excited and joyous all the time

6) At the end of flashing, jumble up the flash cards. You may repeat the session for any number of times. You may wish to wait for about 5 minutes although there is no harm doing it immediately. It is suggested to flash the cards for 3 sessions in one day. If your child does not want it. Find another opportunity. All babies want to learn through play.

7) Always stop before you child wants to stop. This will keep your child's eagerness, enthusiasm and expectation for the next session of flashing.

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